Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The newest happenings

I promise I'm really trying to write more in this blog!!  This is busy time for me at school; we only have 6 more weeks left.  Hopefully I can get myself together to become more devoted to writing here!  First, thank you all so much for your sweet comments and support from my last entry.  Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.  There are days when I wish I were closer to you "triangle" girls but I know God has us here for a reason.  The adoption support groups just aren't here and those that have adopted here seem to keep to themselves.  Maybe I need to change this :)

Now for the latest happenings around here.  We had a great Easter.  Garrett quickly learned the act of picking up Easter eggs.  He was a pro!  They had a little egg hunt at his school and his teacher told me that they were all running around picking up eggs.  She said the next thing she knew, Garrett had "discovered" there was candy in them and he sat down and started eating!  It was pretty funny.  We took him to an egg hunt here at the battleship and he loved it.  Our niece and nephew went with us to help him.  He also rode on a pony which he loved.

He continues to talk up a storm.  He now tells us "I got it" or "I do it".  My little baby is now becoming a big boy who likes to try to be independent.  I love hearing him talk though especially when you get those unsoliciated "I love you's"!  We also tried working with the potty.  Ugh, disaster!  He went one day at school and his teachers told us that they thought he was ready.  They suggested going to straight to underwear because they don't like to be wet.  We tried it for a day and he was kicking and screaming going to the potty.  We decided to wait.  Obviously he's not ready having those kinds of meltdowns.  We let him go now when he tells us and we'll work on it more when I'm out of school for summer.  That way we can just stay at home and practice :)

Over the weekend, he also learned to climb out of his crib.  He did it once and then we put him back in just to see if he'd do it again and sure enough he climbed right out.  He's smart enough to put one leg over and then hold on with his hands so he doesn't fall out :)  After the second time of "escaping" he came running down the hall and told us "Here I come."  Both Tommy and I cracked up laughing at him.  It was too funny.  This weekend's project is to transform the crib into a toddler bed :( I can't believe how much he's grown!


  1. Garret sounds so cute and funny! You are a wonderful momma. :)

  2. Oh how I miss those "little" years. Keep us posted, we love you and hope to see you soon!