Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This poor, neglected blog

So needless to say, life goes by way too fast!  And as is such, I can't keep up :)  I've tried to be better about blogging but something always seems to come up every time I sit down to type.  My summer vacation officially started last Wednesday and I have been having so much fun getting to spend each day with my sweet boy.  

Garrett is all over the place.  He loves to play "chase" and has gotten really good at hiding.  He loves to go into his room and hide on the side of his crib.  He actually doesn't even make a peep when you go searching for him (that's probably going to be a bad thing later on).  He talks up a storm although most of his words are still unknown to us.  He has started saying "mama" more and it melts my heart each time I hear it.  He's trying to say all done and calls airplanes, "airpoo".  

We started swim lessons in May and they are going great.  He's getting good at getting his body to lay flat and he'll try to kick his feet and move his arms.  He loves to practice in the tub.  He is not scared, at all, of the water.  We have two more weeks left of the class.  

His eye teeth have also come in and those were a bear to get to cut thru the gum.  Thankfully it didn't bother him too much.  

I started going to the gym this week.  I took a spinning class yesterday and did Zumba today.  That spinning class was fun but boy am I paying for it today :)  

We leave in 2 weeks for the Keys and I can't wait!  

Happy Summer!