Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First "official" beach trip

We had a fun and relaxing weekend. We decided to take Garrett for his first ferry ride to see how he liked it. Well, he slept the whole time :) We then had lunch at a great little restaurant on the water.

Ferry ride

On Sunday, after church, we decided to try out the beach. He's been down to the beach house but hasn't actually had his "beach gear" on and he hadn't gotten the chance to feel the sand or the water. He seemed to really like it. When we held him, he would lean over and look down at the water as the waves came up. He was worn out and fell asleep as I was holding him. It's those little moments that I love!

Garrett with Mimi

Trying out some strawberries :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Family love

Ok, finally, as promised...PICTURES!! I just have to say once again how extremely blessed we are to have this sweet, sweet boy in our lives! We love him more and more each day!

The first pictures are from a photo shoot we had done near Easter.

I love these little cheeks!

His face looks like, what are they doing to me!?!

My sister on her special day with her favorite nephew! (granted he's the only one but still)!

Tommy update

Everything went well! We are at home now and Tommy is resting. They were able to use his internal defibrillator to get him out of the irregular rhythm so that's a huge blessing! Thanks for all of your prayers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prayers for my sweet hubby

First, I know I have been a total slacker on commenting lately! Things have been crazy busy around here. Only 7 more school days so that will help :)

I have lots of new pictures to post of my sweet boy; I can't believe how fast he's growing up!

I know I have posted before about Tommy's heart condition. It's a congenital defect that we will always have to deal with. He's done really well for the past year-no "major" irregular rhythms and the medicines seem to be working well. Rewind two weeks ago. He started feeling not so great. For him, it means he gets tired pretty quickly. At my sister's wedding I noticed he didn't look that great and he assured me it was just from running around taking pictures. He got winded a couple of times and would take a break but kept on running--just like normal. It's hard to make him stop and rest!

Last Wednesday, his doctor's office called. Every Tuesday, he has to "transmit" the information stored on his device (pacemaker with internal defibrillator). We have a little machine at home that has what looks like a computer mouse; he places that on his device and it takes the information and sends it to the doctor's office. He thought something was up because it was taking longer than normal to send. Well the nurse said he was indeed in an irregular rhythm (atrial fibrillation) and she was going to talk to the doctor. To fix this, he'll have to have a cardioversion (a procedure where they shock the heart, just like you see on those tv shows). I don't think you ever get "used" to going through this but because we've been through it so many times, at least we know what to expect. It's an out-patient procedure so if everything goes as planned we'll be home shortly after he's finished. The procedure is at 9 am and we would appreciate your prayers. Of course, yesterday he woke up and had to go to the doctor because on top of all of this, he now has pink eye :) Never a dull moment at our house :)

We appreciate your prayers and I'll keep you updated once we get home!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big weekend

This past weekend was a big one for us! My sister got married on Saturday and then of course my first Mother's Day on Sunday. We had been preparing things all week for the wedding. She got married at the beach house and between my sister, my mom, and I we did everything! Talk about being exhausted! It really was beautiful though. As soon as we get finished editing some of the pictures, I'll post them here. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a really good time. They left the beach house in classic beach style--in my new brother in law's boat. It was really cute. Tommy took all of the pictures and they look great. My mom thinks we should start up a little side business. We'll see what comes from it. It would be a great way to start saving up some money for adoption #2. And once you see some of the pictures, you will think it was a professional photographer that took them. Poor thing, he ran around so much with his many roles that he was exhausted too.

So, with all of the wedding fun, Mother's day was a bit different that what I envisioned it would be and feel like. We all were so tired from the wedding and cleaning up that I just wanted to go home and rest :) My sister bought me a Pandora's bracelet with a fish charm for helping with the wedding and then "Garrett" bought me a few more charms to add to the bracelet. It's really cute. We all went out and had lunch at a restaurant on the beach and it was really nice. Then, once we got home, we had to do all of the normal routine stuff--laundry etc. It really was a great day and I'm so thankful that I can now join in with the other mothers. We didn't even make it to church because we had so much to do. But that's ok, I really enjoyed spending the day with my family and my two favorite boys.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 months and Easter

Better late than never, right? :)

3 months old

Garrett's first Easter

Tommy calls this the modeling pose

I confess, we went overboard (but hey that's what happens when you wait almost 5 years for this!)

My mom bought Garrett this duck and he likes to eat him :)