Tuesday, May 1, 2012

15 months

Two weeks ago, my sweet baby boy turned 15 months old.  I have no idea where the time has gone but it sure is going by fast!  He loves to talk.  We have no idea what he's trying to tell us but he will carry on a conversation with anyone who is willing to listen.  He's also cutting more teeth.  So far they haven't been too bad.  He also loves to get into mischief :)  We've had to redirect and tell him "no" more times than I can count. 

I had yesterday off from work and we had a great day to play!  We went on a ferry ride and met Tommy for lunch.  Garrett loved it and loved looking at the water.  He's a definite water boy!  He will also start swim lessons on Saturday.

Things are going really great here and everyday I am reminded of how blessed I am.  I remember those long, hard days even before we thought about adoption and when I look at where I am today, I'm amazed.  I can't wait for summer so I can spend even more time with him!  18 more school days :) 

Now for some pictures :)

Helping Daddy build the swing set    
Not too sure about the first haircut

Walking (or dragging) Mimi and Poppy's dog
Loves to "ride" Bailey
Easter Egg hunt and the winner of the "prize" egg


Picking strawberries
The aftermath of the strawberry monster
Ferry ride