Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chirp chirp

Wow, has it really been 3 months since I've written anything?!?!  I really have good intentions of getting on here and writing something creative but time has just passed right on by!  We are having a great summer.  I feel so blessed to get to stay home with my sweet boy.  He's growing so much and I can't believe he will be 2.5 on Friday.  Where has the time gone?  He's talking up a storm now.  He's always asking if "you okay" :) everyone.  That boy hasn't met a stranger.  I now have random conversations with grocery clerks and people stocking shelves as well as other customers trying to shop.  Not to mention all of the random people we've talked to at the beach!

We've been busy with trips to the beach, blueberry picking, helping shuck corn in the country, aquarium visits and visiting with family.  Garrett's most favorite activity has been going to the water park.  He loves it and he's not scared at all of the water.

We are still working on the potty training.  I know it will come someday so I'm not overly worried about it.  He's in pull-ups and will go some at home.  He does pretty good at school and I think it will improve when he goes back full time in August.

Tommy has had some heart issues again but we're making it through those as well.  Hopefully he will stay in a normal rhythm for a long while!

Hope you all are having a great summer!  I know I've been slack with commenting on your blogs but I have been reading!


  1. Garrett looks like one cool dude in the water! Looks like you guys have been having plenty of busy fun days this summer. I will be praying for y'all and especially Tommy's heart issues.

  2. Sounds like you are having lots of fun this summer with your little guy!